Enough With The Not-Enough’s

Has anyone ever attempted to persuade you of something long enough that all you wanted to do is scream “ENOUGH!” to get them to stop? Once alleviating all that tension, you have the opportunity to make one of two decisions:

  1. Reject the true or false statement
  2. Accept the true or false statement

Yes, sometimes what other people are telling us has truth and we do need to listen to what they are saying, but there are moments where we are unable to agree because what is being stated does not fit our personal beliefs or morals.

Now, if we are able to put a stop to what other people are telling us that does not align with our own thoughts and actions, then why as women can we not scream “ENOUGH!” to ourselves?

Too often I catch myself saying:

“I am not good enough.”

“I am not smart enough.”

“I am not liked enough by others.”

And the list goes on and on.

All that I am accomplishing by telling myself that I am not enough is creating an unhealthy habit that is debilitating to my opportunity to maximize my full potential. The “not enough” syndrome is a result of the desire to attain perfection. Perfection is a figment of our imagination created by personal and surrounding environmental ideals, but striving for excellence will always yield returns worth calling successes.

So how do we begin to say “enough with the not-enough’s?”

Start with the three R’s:

  1. Realize excellence trumps perfection. You will never be satisfied or content if you are seeking perfection because you will always find something to improve.
  2. Replace the negative enough’s with positive enough’s. You have to begin reminding yourself of all the positive characteristics and attributes you alone possess.
  3. Reach out to people around you. When you are continuously focusing on the things you believe you are lacking, you are unable to see the needs in other people. Setting aside your own insecurities and self doubt could be the difference in making someone else’s life better.

Stop telling yourself you are not enough by accepting the truth and rejecting the lies . Your “not enough” syndrome is what is preventing you from maximizing your full potential and becoming the person you are meant to be.

Enough With The Not-Enough’s