Are You One of The Ten?

Remember the Dove Challenge?

Dove continues to evolve their Dove Challenge by pursuing the root of beautiful from the inside out and conducted a UK survey to gain better insight of how many women believe they are genuinely beautiful. Dove’s 2012 Census revealed disappointing, yet not surprising results.

The MSN article “Are You Attractive? 9 out of 10 Women Say No” by Rich Maloof, revealed just that; only 2% of their surveyed population of women, from a wide age range from 18 to 64, believed they were truly beautiful!  I wish I could express more shock, but I can believe the numbers. Even I have a hard time going through every day thinking, believing and feeling I am beautiful or attractive, not including the opinions of others, but what I really see. The mirror always reveals my imperfections rather than my positive attributes and what I could try to improve.

The biggest finding that the UK survey by Dove discovered was “the highest percentage of survey subjects — one in four — said the biggest pressure to be beautiful comes from within,” whereas societal pressures were second.

What does this mean to our generations of women? WE PUT THE STRAIN ON OURSELVES!

I wish I could tell you to simply stop, stop comparing yourself and stop disliking all that you have been given, but I know how difficult it is to follow through with such a little word as “stop.” Do addicts of typically talked about addictions such as drugs and alcohol simply stop their consumption? No. Those that seek and desire help require a support system, rehabilitation and follow up therapy.

Now, I am not suggesting you are in need of checking into a rehabilitation center or join a local support group, but maybe we are in need of some form of perspective rehabilitation?

Again, are you one in ten that can confidently say “I am Beautiful,” or “I am Attractive?”

I wish with all my heart that you are one in ten women that understand and appreciates all that makes you beautiful, inside and out.

If not, you are by no means alone and I hope you can join me in the journey for discovering the inner and outer beauty that each and every one of us posses. Join me as I seek to unlock all that makes me beautiful and what makes you beautiful and attractive and shine through while smiley confidently. 

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Are You One of The Ten?