Naked Face

The Naked Face Project was a website that I stumbled across while searching for other blogs in the “Inner Beauty” blog community and was amazed by the initiative two woman have taken to redefine the definition of beautiful.

Molly and Caitlin are women from two different generations but have one common goal: 60 days with no make-up, no shaving and no primping!

The end of the 60 days is almost here for Molly and Caitlin but both women have blogs that honestly reveal their experiences, thoughts, feelings and new opinions on what true beauty is and what it means to be beautiful.

Caitlin made a fantastic point in her blog The Healthy Tipping Point that I wanted to highlight and she explains that in today’s society the outward or physical appearance of an individual has become the only way beauty is acceptably expressed.

So often we look at other people, other women and ourselves in the mirror and make concrete judgements about those other people or ourselves, simply based on what we see outwardly. Yes, people do inherently make snapshot judgments based on how an individual looks or is dressed, so maintaining an overall appearance is important, but unfortunately judging “beauty” beyond that point of the initial snapshot does not happen often.

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and told yourself you are BEAUTIFUL because of the great qualities and characteristics you possess? How much better would woman feel about themselves if they could expand their definition of beautiful?

I encourage you to contemplate and broaden your perspective of beautiful to gain a better understanding of what makes YOU beautiful outwardly and inwardly and to remember that physical appearance not does make you a beautiful person, but your confidence, consideration for others, attitude and overall lifestyle does. Unlock your inner beauty qualities and talents and shine through all day, even if you are feeling a little “naked.”

Happy Wednesday!

Naked Face