Dethrone Stress

We all know those indescribable feelings of relief and relaxation that Friday brings us every week. All of a sudden you remember how to take a deep breath, the optimistic attitude reappears, and the events of the week have already been displaced from your mind.  How great would it feel to have the feeling of Friday everyday of the week, despite whatever situations are surrounding you that day?

The strain of stress will never be completely unavoidable in life, but there are proven tips and techniques to help alleviate the stress levels and bring you back into balance. I would love to share with you some simple stress dethroning ideas that you can put into practice for the upcoming week.


Take an inventory check of how many hours you have been logging each night. Too few hours will prevent your body from recharging itself during the night, therefore your body lacks energy and the ability to think clearly and take action.

Turn down the noise! Soothing noise that sounds like the ocean and is at a low volume level is okay, but turn off the laptop, the iPhone, and television. Electronics and light act as stimuli and keep your brain from shutting down and releasing a chemical that helps your body fall asleep.


If you are not an exercising machine, do not worry. Take a walk or sow jog. Do anything to get your body up and moving around. Exercise causes a release of endorphins that automatically fight your stress levels, bringing you back to a more balanced and relaxed state of mind.


It is almost impossible to feel any sort of negative emotion if you are smiling or laughing. What makes your laugh? What makes you smile? It does not matter what your happy trigger is, just as long as you do it!

Eat Good Foods

We have all heard the saying, “You Are What You Eat” so why keep eating processed and fast food? Fill yourself with nutrient rich foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains rather than driving to the nearest fast food restaurant.

Feelings stressed and want to curb the stress with food? My suggestion is to grab an apple. When I get stressed I want to eat and the last thing my body needs is unhealthy foods that are going to make me feel heavy and sleepy. Apples are a great way to have a healthy snack that is sweet, juicy, and will leave you feeling fuller longer because they are a better source of fiber.

Call a loved one

Pick up the phone and call a family member or friend that you trust. Many times stress causes us to lose focus of the bigger problem and being able to talk through a situation can help clear the way to solving the problem more quickly and appropriately. People who care about you will always have time to listen and help you.

Although stress can never be completely eliminated from our always moving, fast past lives, there are techniques to help bring balance back to reality. Choose a tip that works best for you and allow it to unlock all that makes you beautiful as you dethrone stress and take back control!

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!

Dethrone Stress